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Members will receive 1 spin a day for free. Different prizes are hidden all over the map, including weekly lottery balls, tokins, mystery rewards, and gift cards you can use at hundreds of stores. If you want to shop around, check out our amazing Steal Deals... or open a store and list your own items for sale. All for free!
In here, tokins are powerful. Use them for extra spins, features, redemptions, etc. and rise up the ranks!

LAUNCH DATE: July 13, 2015

They have thoughts, emotions, and are highly intelligent, but robotic in form. They do not eat or breathe, but do need shelter to protect themselves against nature's elements.

The planet they once lived is no more. They survived in spaceships, and have been searching for new land.

One day, a gravitational pull crash landed them into a deserted planet. The atmosphere was uninhabitable. To protect themselves, they used their technology to build an indoor city. They called their new home "Inhabuta".

You are a recent crash survivor. With injuries and much effort, you have found your way into Inhabuta. Upon entry, you begin to heal. Then your ambition takes over. You want to prosper, be wealthy, and rise up the ranks. You want to accumulate tokins. Lots of them. You are now... an Inhabid!

  • Fun virtual city game theme
  • Free lifetime membership
  • Free daily spins (color the city map to win amazing prizes!)
  • Free graphical store with custom categories
  • New Seesaw Auction and Steal Deal concepts
  • Powerful (yet easy to use) seller management controls
  • Quick and simple one-page item listing format
  • Simple one-click feature to send items from store to auction
  • Exciting live auction timer with hot-bidding
  • POWER SEND a message to all your favorite members at once
  • Private live chat and messaging system
  • Fair feedback system (comments hidden on both sides)
  • Tokins are given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bidders
  • Use tokins to redeem lottery balls, rewards, features, and more!
  • Unlimited future enhancements, member benefits, and prizes!