What does the name  “Inhabid “ mean?
Inhabid was derived from the words “inhabit” and “bid”. Once a new member signs up, he/she takes on the character of an Inhabid.

I live outside the U.S. Can I join? 
Of course! On the Sign Up page, simply select 'NOT-IN-USA' under the State dropdown.

I love Inhabid.com! How can I refer my friends to join too? 
On our Sign Up page, there is a gold tab called SIGN UP/REFERRAL. At the very bottom, you will see "REFER YOUR FRIENDS!"  

How do I close my account?
Please contact us at Help@Inhabid.com

I found a bug in your web site. How do I report it?
Please notify us at Bugs@Inhabid.com.



Why is the Inhabuta city all black & white? 
The city is black & white to start. Each time you spin, a land piece will turn into color. Gradually, like completing a puzzle, the entire city will be in color!

How many regions and land pieces are there? 
There are 7 different regions, with a total of 250 pieces of land.

How do I win prizes? 
Mystery prizes are hidden all over the map. Every time you spin, it will randomly stop at a piece of land. You either win tokins or a prize.

How do I get spins? 
Every member gets a free daily spin! Simply login after 10:00am PT each day, and spin! Extra spins cost 30 tokins each.

Can a spin stop at a piece of land that is already colored in?
No, it can't. However, land with prizes randomly change daily, so it is possible you can win prizes very often if you are lucky!

How do I win the Super Prize?
After you complete the map 7 times, you will win the Super Prize! (See TOKIN REDEMPTION -- MAP PRIZES)

Are the prizes always the same?
No, prizes may change as they are won.

How do I go back to the city spin map?
On the top (white and thin) header bar, to the left side, you will see 'SHOW INHABUTA (SPIN) MAP' in green.



How do I send an item to Standard Auction? 
From your MY ACCOUNT -> Manage Inventory page, simply click on the 'Send to Auction' (orange hammer) icon. Once sent, the icon will turn gray. Item Status will automatically change from 'Store' to 'Auction'.

How do I send an item to Seesaw Auction? 
From your MY ACCOUNT -> Manage Inventory page, simply click on the 'Send to Seesaw Auction' (green seesaw) icon. Once sent, the icon will turn gray. Item Status will automatically change from 'Store' to 'Seesaw'.

Why are all auctions no reserve?
We believe that defeats the purpose of a true auction. Setting a reserve is quite discouraging.

Where is the Buy-It-Now button?
Once an item is in auction, it should be fair game for all bidders. Buyers looking to buy items immediately should shop in stores.

I want to try and auction my item to end in 2 hours. Can I do this?
Yes. Actually, you can send an item to Standard Auction to end in just 1 hour. Although this does not give buyers a lot of time to see your item, it is possible.

Why is 10 days the maximum number of days in auction?
Most buyers prefer not to wait longer than 10 days. We also do not allow auto re-listing auctions, because that is similar to leaving it in your store without expiration.

Why do you charge 20 tokins for Feature Items? Isn't that too many?
Yes, but this will give your item more exposure. Feature Items will expire in 30 days.

Why do you charge 7 tokins for the Highlight feature? Isn't that too many?
If too many items are highlighted, it will lose its meaning. With an extra 3 tokins, you can even add an extra highlight effect!

I placed a bid, but now I change my mind. Can I retract it?
No, every bid is a contract to buy. To request a retraction, contact the seller immediately. (Sellers can end auctions with over 1 hour remaining.)

Why can't I end my auction?
There must be less than 1 hour remaining on the timer. Sellers cannot end an auction with less than 1 hour remaining.

Can I edit my auction?
Once sent to auction, items cannot be edited. This is to protect the buyer. However, the seller can, in this order: make note of the bidder(s), end the auction (only if there is more than 1 hour remaining), edit the listing, re-send it to auction, and notify the bidders.

I have a Steal Deal listing with a discount too, can I still send this to auction?
Yes. All items can be sent to auction, regardless if it is a Feature and/or Special Item too. Once an item is sent from store to auction, it will automatically be removed from your store (and STORES page), since it cannot be at both places at the same time. If unsold, it will automatically return back into your store (and STORES page) when the auction is over. [Note: Steal Deal discounts over-ride the item discounts]

What is that number on the right side next to the member ID's in the item bidding pages? 
That is the number of tokins that member will receive should the auction end now (based on the Tokin Table for BUYERS). 

I'm trying to send another item to Seesaw Auction, but it won't let me. Why?
Each member is limited to send up to 10 per hour. This is to give everyone a fair chance to showcase their items.


Did you misspell the word "token"?
No, our virtual currency in here are called "tokins".

How much is each tokin worth?
Tokins have no actual cash value, but can be used for spins, optional features, redemptions, etc.

Why are more tokins often given to buyers than sellers?
This is to encourage more bidding and buyers. Tokins are also given to 2nd and 3rd place bidders!

I sold an item in my store for $8.50, and the Grand total was $10.25, but why can't I give feedback tokins to my buyer?
The Item Total must be over $10.00. The Grand Total includes S/H, Adjust S/H, and tax, which are not included in the Item Total.

I submitted a redemption request... but why hasn't it been approved yet?
We try to approve all requests ASAP, but there are a few security measures we need to take. First, you must have paid for all your store and auction (from your Pay Auctions page) purchases. Second, your balance must be paid in full from your previous bill. Third, you must not have too many negative feedbacks. Fourth, we will perform a tokin history check. Fifth, we may need to confirm your identity by mailing and/or calling you. Normally this process takes 3-7 days. Inhabid.com reserves the right to cancel redemption requests for any reason.

What kind of rewards can I redeem with my tokins?
Please see our TOKIN REDEMPTION page. We currently have Lottery, Inhabid Products, and Map Prizes.

Can I buy, sell, or transfer tokins?
No. The reason is simple – tokins are your credibility, and credibility needs to be earned!

I see there are 12 Status Levels. How many tokins do I need to move up each level?
Please see our 'Status Levels' table in our TABLES & FEES page (on the bottom of the site).


I just got 10 tokins taken away from me, but I did nothing wrong. What should I do?
Send an email to Dispute@Inhabid.com and explain to us what happened. We will investigate, examine both your accounts, and make the proper adjustments if necessary.

I paid and received my item, but it was not as advertised. I am unable to contact the seller. What should I do?
First, review the seller’s Return Policy. Next, contact us at Dispute@Inhabid.com and provide the details of your transaction. We will then do our best to contact the seller. Depending on the severity of the situation, we may suspend the seller's account after 14 days of no response. Always be sure to leave an honest feedback for the seller. (Remember that feedback is hidden.) Unfortunately, as with most member-member based auction sites, we are unable to compensate for losses. We are only able to do our best to prevent such instances from occurring, and to assist in resolving disputes.

I paid but never received my item. It has been over 20 days. I am unable to contact the seller. What should I do?
First, check the tracking number to see if it is in route. If not, or if you don’t have one, contact us at Dispute@Inhabid.com and provide details of your transaction. We will then do our best to contact the seller. Should we not hear back in 14 days, the seller’s account may be suspended. Unfortunately, as with most member-member based auction sites, we are unable to compensate for losses. We are only able to do our best to prevent such instances from occurring, and to assist in resolving disputes.

I shipped out the item but never received a feedback. I am unable to contact the buyer. What should I do? 
First, confirm with your shipping company by tracking number that the item has been delivered. If delivered, there is no need to contact the buyer. Our system will automatically give you 3 tokins if the other party did not leave you a feedback after 20 days. (And the other member will receive 0 tokins regardless of how many you gave him.)


Why doesn't Inhabid.com allow importing feedback? 
All Inhabids will have a new, fair, and equal chance to establish their credibility in our virtual city.

My feedback says 100%/40. What does this mean? 
You have a perfect (100%) feedback score (no negatives) from a total of 40 feedbacks.

I just signed up and logged in, but my Inhabid character is so dark. Why is this?  
This is because you are just starting off at Status Level 1. You just crash landed, so you are injured and dirty. As you move up the levels, your character will improve.

I sent a quantity of 100 books to sell in my listing, but why does the category count only show Books (1)?
Our categories count by the number of listings, not by the number of items. 


Can I pay more to have my items show up more often in Seesaw Auction and Steal Deals?
No. Fairness is very important to us. We want all of our members to have an equal chance to display their items. Seesaw Auctions are limited to a maximum of 10 items per hour, and Steal Deals are limited to a maximum of 10 per 7 days. This also keeps our site items fresh.

How do I hide the top header?
There is a 'HIDE HEADER' button in the top middle of the page, below the main category search dropdown. Simply click on it again to unhide the header.

How do I see the virtual city of Inhabuta again?
To the left of the 'HIDE HEADER' button, there is a green 'SHOW INHABUTA (SPIN) MAP' button. 

How do I refresh only the bottom part of the window?
To the right of the 'HIDE HEADER' button, there is a small 'REFRESH' button. 

Can I choose what payment methods to accept?
You can specify what payment type you accept in your Edit Store page. With our "7-character seller-ID invoice number" system, all transactions can easily be referenced regardless of the payment method chosen.

How do I pay Inhabid.com?70-413 70-486 70-533 810-401 C4040-250 SY0-401 70-462 70-483 70-480 100-101 400-101 CISSP 640-554 70-332 220-802 70-331 070-461 JN0-332 070-411 070-486 070-488 70-411 70-417 70-685 70-532 9L0-422 220-801 1Z0-803 3I0-012 ICGB 070-410 70-341 300-101 70-464 70-466 70-463 70-534 1Z0-052 SG0-001 TB0-123 74-343 350-050 1Z0-062 MB2-700 LX0-102 C4040-251 300-115 070-331 FCNSP.v5 70-488 CLAD 350-018 70-414 S90-01A SY0-401 70-462 70-483 70-480 100-101 400-101 CISSP 640-554 70-332 220-802 70-331 070-461 JN0-332 070-411 070-486 070-488 70-411 70-417 400-101 300-320 CISSP 350-018 300-208 210-260 400-201 300-101 MB2-707 70-462 100-101 200-310 EX200 SY0-401 1Z0-803 1Z0-434 9L0-012 1Z0-808 CAS-002 1V0-601 70-480 300-070 2V0-621 1Z0-067 AX0-100 MB5-705 400-051 642-999 ICBB PMP PRINCE2 FOUNDATION 70-417 ICGB 300-135 640-692 102-400 VCP550D 70-463 9L0-066 OG0-091 70-980 PR000041 74-344 70-981 599-01 CV0-001 OG0-093 070-462 70-461 LX0-104 IIA-CIA-PART3 712-50 1Z0-061
Go to your MY ACCOUNTS -> Current Bill, and click on the PAY BILL button. 

What are your future plans for Inhabid.com?
An improved interface, a live chatroom, video upload, mobile apps, produce actual characters, more rewards, features, designs, customizations, etc... too much to list!

I want to sell an item that is not listed in any of your categories. Can you add a new one?
Yes. We are always open to member suggestions and will consider every member request. Please contact us at Help@Inhabid.com

We will continue to expand our FAQ as we receive more questions from our members. To submit your question(s), please contact us at Help@Inhabid.com.