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The steps below will help you get started. From your MY ACCOUNT page:

Step 1. Edit Profile – Upload your photo, update your personal profile, and tell others a little about yourself.

Step 2. Edit Store (Sellers) – Create your store with custom categories, and set up your personal selling preferences. (It's easy.)

Step 3. Manage Inventory (Sellers) – To upload items into your store, simply click the Add New Item button. After uploading, your items can easily be managed on this page. From this page, you can also send items to auctions with just one-click!


All members are limited to only one account. There are no sign-up, recurring monthly, or any other membership fees. There are also no store fees. There is a small fixed after-sale fee of only 2% charged to the seller only after an item is sold. (You can post as many items as you want with no up-front risk. If it never sells, you never have to pay.) Some optional features are charged using tokins. Buyers are never charged any fees. Please see our TABLES & FEES page for more information.


The city of Inhabuta is divided into 7 regions: Jungle (R1), Crystal Fields (R2), Moss Banks (R3), Mountainside (R4), Lakeside (R5), Cliffside (R6), and Mushroom Shelves (R7). Each region is further divided into smaller land pieces. In total, there are 250 pieces of land, each with their individual Inhabuta Land Code (ILC).

For a new member, the city map begins in black & white. Every member will have a free spin each day. (Free spins reset at 10:00 AM Pacific Time daily. Each spin is worth 30 tokins.) Members can optionally use our shopping site to buy/bid/sell to earn more tokins, or simply purchase tokins.

Once you click SPIN, the system will randomly stop on a piece of land. That land piece will turn into color, and you will win the prize for that piece of land. (Spins are completely fair and random.) Prizes include weekly lottery balls, tokins, both, or online gift cards. For larger prizes, you must complete coloring in the map. To win a Super Prize, you must complete the map 7 times. To return to the Inhabuta map from anywhere within the site, simply click on the green link "SHOW INHABUTA (SPIN) MAP" near the top left, on the white header divider bar.


All transactions within are based on U.S. ($) currency.

Listing quantity limit
You can list as many items as you want, but there is a quantity limit of 100 per listing.

We offer three types of auctions
Standard Auction
This is the standard proxy auction. There is only one item open for bidding in each listing. The time frame is from 1 hour to 10 days. The bidder will submit the highest price he/she is willing to pay for the item, and will maintain the lead until outbid. (The system automatically places the next minimum bid.) Ties go to the bidder who submitted the bid first. The highest bidder after the timer hits 00:00:00 will be the winner of the item. The seller and first, second, and third place bidders will all receive tokins based on the Tokin Table listed in our TABLES & FEES page. If the item receives no bids, it will return back to the seller's store (with no charges).

One-Price Auction
This is an auction for quantities between 2-100. The time frame is from 1 hour to 10 days. The starting price will be fixed for the duration of the auction. The auction ends when a) the timer hits 00:00:00, or b) all quantities are sold. All bidders will receive tokins based on the Tokin Table as a 1st place winner. If the listing receives no bids, it will just return back to the seller's store (with no charges). 

Seesaw Auction
This is a new concept to buy and sell quickly. Once a listing is due up, interested buyers have only 1 minute to buy this item. The earlier he/she clicks the flashing "BUY NOW!" button, the lower the price. As each second passes, the price gradually increases. The seller and all buyers will receive tokins based on the Tokin Table as a 1st place winner. If the listing receives no bids, it will just return back to the seller's store (with no charges). 

Cost to send an item to auction
There are no charges to send items to any auction. However, there are options to add a Highlight (7 tokins) and an extra effect (3 tokins).

Hot-bidding & bidding
Once you click on the BID button, the bid is submitted. We incorporate the hot-bidding method, where each click is a bid without further confirmation, so be sure you understand this prior to clicking "BID".

Within the item bidding page, you will see the top 3 bidders on the right side, along with how many tokins each will receive should the auction end now. The top 3 bidders in a Standard Auction will dynamically change ranks as higher bids are placed.

All bids are bounded by a legal contract to buy. Bids cannot be retracted unless 1) there was an obvious typographical error in the listing (as agreed by both parties; or per’s judgment), or 2) there is a mutual agreement between you and the seller (and therefore no tokins will be given).

Seller's can end auctions without penalty, if there is more than 1 hour remaining on the timer. However, all seller's should realize that most bids happen during the final minutes and seconds of an auction.

Members suspected or guilty of shilling (where a member uses a known account, whether his own, a family member, or friend, to bid on his own item) may be subject to account suspension. A friend's account bidding on a referred friend's auction listing is considered shilling.

Bid Increments
Depending on the current price of the item, the next minimum bid will be based on a Bid Increment table. This table is also listed on our TABLES & FEES page.

Current Bid Increment
$1 - $4.99 $0.25
$5 - $24.99 $0.50
$25 - $99.99 $1.00
$100 - $249.99 $2.50
$250 - $499.99 $5.00
$500 - $999.99 $10.00
$1000 - $2499.99 $25.00
$2500 - $4999.99 $50.00
$5000.00+ $100.00

No Reserves
All our auction listings have no reserves. (Reserves are discouraging and unfair to bidders.)

No Buy-It-Now
By design, we do not offer the B-I-N option. The auction market is a place where everyone can bid in fairness and find great deals.

Steal Deals
A" Steal Deal" is a specially discounted item listing. Each member can select up to 10 listings to be a Steal Deal from their Add New Item/Edit Item page. Our system will randomly select them from all member's stores, and displays them on the top of our STORES page. This feature is free. Each Steal Deal listing will expire in 7 days, and then reset back to 0% (Unstealable). Sellers may apply a Steal Deal discount to that item listing again. Discounts 50% off or more will be displayed with a red title bar. Steal Deal discounts over-ride item discounts.

If you are uncertain about an item, you can first add it to your personal WATCHLIST tab.

BIDS tab
The BIDS tab allows you to easily keep track of all items you have placed bids on, and all items which you are selling that others have placed bids on.

Sellers will select their choice of S/H. If UPS Calculator is selected, it will provide an estimate as to the cost of shipping the item(s) in this listing. The seller’s zip code, and your zip code, will be used in estimating this charge. Note that it is only an estimate. We do not advise sellers to offer UPS for smaller items, and to stay under 70 pounds. Items over 70 pounds, up to 150 pounds, will be shipped at a much higher rate. Be sure to read and understand the seller’s S/H and other terms.

Paying the Seller
After winning an auction, the item will be in your MY ACCOUNT -> Pay Auctions page. You now have 3 days to click on the PAY NOW button for checkout, and to pay the seller. After 3 days, you will be sent a warning.

A total of 20 days (including the 3 days to click PAY NOW) is required to complete all transactions. Feedback must also be left within 20 days, or else the side who does not leave a feedback will receive 0 tokins.

For all transactions, there will be an invoice number. This invoice number always begins with the seller’s 7-character ID, and ends with a random 7-digit number. (For example, in MYSTORE-8491032, MYSTORE is the seller's ID) This invoice number must be included with every payment from buyer to seller for tracking purposes.

During checkout, the buyer will be able to adjust discounts and tax accordingly, as approved by the seller. The seller will have the option of declining payments if the total is incorrectly adjusted. If this happens often, the buyer may face possible account suspension.

Out of Stock (OOS)
Listings where Qty=0 (quantity equals zero) are considered out of stock. This may happen when the seller is preparing a listing but does not have stock on hand yet, or is currently sold out. Sellers can simply go into their Manage Inventory -> OUT OF STOCK tab to view or edit these OOS listings. To move a listing back into the AVAILABLE tab, simply add quantity.

Favorite Stores
Members can save a list of all their favorite stores. When adding a favorite store to your My Favorite page, you are permitting the store owner to send you occasional announcements, most likely for upcoming sales. 


Our shipping company of choice is UPS, and we have integrated it into our web site. Here are links to a few other shipping company calculators for your convenience:



This powerful feature is on our top header page, to the right of the main search bar. It allows you to quickly perform a pre-defined search. For example, you can see auction items ending soon, all Feature Items, the top 100 Inhabids, etc.


Members can send private messages to other members. Sellers can also "Power Send" an announcement to all members who added their store as a Favorite Store. 


Receive 30 tokins for each member referral
Your account will automatically be credited with 30 tokins after your referred friend(s) join. There is no limit on the number of referrals. 

Receive tokins for buying
Tokin Table for BUYERS is also listed on our TABLES & FEES page.

Ending Price 1st Highest Bidder 2nd Highest Bidder 3rd Highest Bidder Store Tokins
$1 - $10  1 1 1 1
$10.01 - $30 3 2 1 3
$30.01 - $50 5 3 1 5
$50.01 - $100  10 4 2 8
$100.01 - $150 15 5 2 12
$150.01 - $200 20 6 3 16
$200.01 - $250  25 8 3 20
$250.01 - $300   30 9 4 24
$300.01 - $350  35 10 4 28
$350.01 - $400  40 12 5 32
$400.01 - $450  45 14 6 36
$450.01 - $500 50 16 7 40
$500.01 - $700  70 20 8 60
$700.01 - $1000  100 25 9 80
$1000.01 - $1500 150 40 12 100
$1500.01 - $2000 200 55 15 100
$2000.01 - $5000 250 70 20 150
$5000.01+ 300 85 30 200

Receive tokins for selling
Tokin Table for SELLERS is also listed on our TABLES & FEES page.

Ending Price Auction Tokins Store Tokins
$1 - $10 2 1
$10.01 - $20 4 3
$20.01 - $50  6 5
$50.01 - $100  10 8
$100.01 - $300 15 11
$300.01 - $500 20 15
$500.01 - $700 25 19
$700.01 - $1000 30 24
$1000.01 - $1500    40 30
$1500.01 - $2000   50 38
$2000.01 - $5000   70 50
$5000.01+  100 75

Receive tokins from feedback
Buyers and sellers can leave up to 3 tokins for each other, per transaction, for all invoice Item Totals over $10.00. (Note that Item Total is the total price of the items only, minus any discounts.)


Bills over $5.00 are due at the end of every month. An E-mail reminder will be sent 3 days in advance as per our User Agreement. Your current bill can be viewed and paid at any time in MY ACCOUNT –> Current Bill. Once your payment is submitted, it will be moved to MY ACCOUNT –> Billing History.

NOTE: The after-sale fees in Current Bill are calculated using only the Item Totals minus any discounts, and excluding S/H and tax.


Our feedback system is unique in that each member's feedback is hidden until both sides of a transaction have left feedback. The buyer and seller will also have the option to give each other up to 3 tokins (not from their own account, but from’s account) for all invoice Item Totals over $10.00. Feedback comments and tokins cannot be retracted or modified after submission.

Warning: Members can take away up to "10" tokins for a bad transaction! 

If no feedback is given by a member after 20 days from the checkout date, the giving member will automatically receive 3 tokins; the non-giving member will receive 0 (or negative tokins, depending on whether the other member left a negative feedback). If for any reason the transaction could not be successfully completed within 20 days, please contact us at


As your tokins accumulate, your status will rise. The STATUS LEVEL table on the top right corner shows the number of members ("Inhabids") in each level. A breakdown of how to rise up the status levels is listed on our TABLES & FEES page.

Level Tokin Total
2 101-300 
3 301-600 
4 601-1000 
5 1001-1500
6 (Full Health) 1501-2000
7 2001-3000
8 3001-4000
9 4001-5000
10 5001-7000
11 7001-10000
12 (Full Gold Plated) 10000+


Tokins have no cash value. You can use tokins for spins, optional features, and redemption. For each lottery drawing period (every week), each member is limited to only 5 lottery balls. Any additional lottery balls will forfeit that member's eligibility for that drawing period. All rewards (including Inhabid Products) may not be exactly as described. All redemption requests are subject to account verification and checks. reserves the right to cancel any redemption request.


Put your mouse pointer over question marks and icons for pop-up information. To contact us, visit our CONTACT US page.